Daily Devotion – July 3, 2018

Isaiah 32:9-15

Rise up, ye women that are at ease; hear my voice, ye careless daughters; give ear unto my speech. Many days and years shall ye be troubled, ye careless women: for the vintage shall fail, the gathering shall not come. Tremble, ye women that are at ease; be troubled, ye careless ones: strip you, and make you bare, and gird sackcloth upon your loins. They shall lament for the teats, for the pleasant fields, for the fruitful vine. Upon the land of my people shall come up thorns and briers; yea, upon all the houses of joy in the joyous city: Because the palaces shall be forsaken; the multitude of the city shall be left; the forts and towers shall be for dens for ever, a joy of wild asses, a pasture of flocks; Until the spirit be poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness be a fruitful field, and the fruitful field be counted for a forest.


But the kingdom hasn’t come yet. The women of Judah were still living in luxury, ease, and complacency. Soon judgment would fall, in the form of crop failure, depopulation, and desolation. Judah’s troubles would continue until the Spirit was poured out at the second coming of Christ. Then, the desert would become a fruitful field, and what is now considered a fruitful field, would be as luxuriant as a forest.

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