Desert Springs Baptist Church was founded in September of 1998 by Pastor Gary Berry and his wife, Carol.

Four years after planting the church, Carol’s life was taken due to cancer. At the time of Carol’s death, the Berrys had 4 children under the age of 13. In June 2004, Pastor Berry resigned and accepted the call as Pastor of Southland Baptist Church in Belton, MO.

Following the pastorate of Bro. Gary, Bro. Arnold “Scooter” Belasco, served as Interim Pastor.

The church called Bro. William Rainey, missionary to Scotland, as Pastor in August of 2004. He resigned in October 2007, to assume a pastorate in his home state of Texas.

Shortly after Bro. Rainey accepted the call as Pastor, “Scooter” and his family left for Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO. He was approved as a Baptist Bible Fellowship missionary to Spain in October 2008.

As the church pursued God’s will for them, Bro. Anthony McCully, the part time Youth Pastor and a 2007 graduate of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO, filled the pulpit and assumed the responsibilities as Interim Pastor.

In April 2008, the church called Bro. Ron Moxon as Pastor. Bro. Ron assumed the pastorate in June of 2008, following his move from Dubuque, IA.

All three of our pastors have had a significant impact on the development and spiritual and physical growth of our church. During the pastorate of Bro. Berry, the church was led to purchase 5 acres of land in northwest Tucson. The note was satisfied in August 2005, while Bro. Rainey held the pastorate. An 8,000 square foot building was completed in June 2012, where the church meets every Sunday and Wednesday night for worship and Bible study and throughout the week for various events and activities.